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A medical services firm converts a portion of its balance sheet into $ETH and $SHIB

A medical services firm converts a portion of its balance sheet into $ETH and $SHIB

A Canadian medical services company continues to stand out from the crowd, this time converting a large portion of its balance sheet from fiat to cryptocurrency, according to Cryptoglob.

“Ask The Doctor” –is a Canadian healthcare services company headquartered in Thoronoto. Its original purpose was to provide health and medical information (similar to WebMD). It now provides many services through its partner firms. Prakash Chand is the co-founder of Ask The Doctor, as well as its chairman and CEO. He also seems to be a big supporter of cryptocurrencies. When asked why the firm started accepting Bitcoin, Warner said: “In healthcare, most believe that the foundation of patient privacy is to limit access to the content of doctor-patient interactions. In digital health, protecting the content of those interactions is absolutely necessary, but may not provide the level of privacy some patients require. Our clients provide us with confidential and sensitive information. Until we added Bitcoin, our services had to be purchased with a credit card or Paypal. For some, having a bank paper trail documenting a transaction with “Ask The Doctor” did not provide them with enough privacy.”“Another reason to offer payment via Bitcoin –is to maximize the availability of our services. Credit cards are not available everywhere. In some cultures, women do not have the same financial freedom as men to purchase them. Two-thirds of our clients are –women, and we have clients in every country in the developing world. Our overall goal – is to democratize access to health care, and Bitcoin's offering is consistent with that goal”. Also, last month, Ask The Doctor confirmed it was going to add support for three of the most popular cryptocurrencies with dog memes: Dogecoin ($DOGE), SHiba Inu ($SHIB), Floki Inu ($FLOKI).

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