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A new Layer 2 bridge between Polygon and Arbitrum is launched

A new Layer 2 bridge between Polygon and Arbitrum is launched

Wanchain is partnering with Polygon to create the Arbitrum bridge. Ethereum interoperability project Wanchain will launch an interchain bridge between Polygon and Arbitrum, according to Cryptobriefing.

Wanchain has entered into a strategic partnership with Polygon to create a decentralized bridge between Sidechain and Arbitrum, a popular second-tier rollout solution on Ethereum. In a press release published Tuesday on Crypto Briefing, the Wanchain team said the planned bridge would allow transfers directly between Polygon and Arbitrum without the need for Ethereum mainnet. Commenting on the planned Polygon-Arbitrum bridge, Lee Ni, vice president of business development and operations at Wanchain, said: “Wanchain's new second-tier bridges retain Polygon's high transaction throughput and low cost while remaining efficient, versatile and decentralized”. Wanchain will join other existing multi-chain bridges on Polygon, including Hop Protocol, AnySwap, Wormhole, Connext and Celer. The Wanchain bridge will use liquidity pools to move tokens between the two networks. Hop Protocol was the first company to deploy a bridge that uses liquidity pools to connect assets between Ethereum, Polygon and Layer 2 solutions. Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, said that the interchain bridge will “contribute to the liquidity and utility of the Polygon” ecosystem. The Polygon team boasts one of the largest projects on Etherereum, consisting of its flagship Proof-of-Stake sidechain and other roll-ups such as Hermez and Miden. The creation of Polygon-Arbitrum will likely help the Wanchain team acquire new users and potentially increase the value of its compliant technology stack.

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