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Cardano’s DEX SundaeSwap launches public testnet

Cardano’s DEX SundaeSwap launches public testnet

  The long-awaited Cardano-based decentralized exchange SundaeSwap is almost ready to launch into public testnet, Sgurtorotato reports.

In a Dec. 5 announcement, the company behind Cardano – Input Output HK – said that DEX SundaeSwap will launch shortly as a testnet. IOHK added that it expects interest in Cardano's big DEX ambitions to grow. “We expect huge interest in this long-awaited event and a lot of activity. That's why we are collaborating”. However, there have already been problems related to several bugs that delayed the launch from Sunday to Monday. Nevertheless, the launch – is only a test network, so several steps need to be taken to participate. The announcement did not mention how long the testing would take or a launch date for the network. SundaeSwap – is a scalable DEX and automated liquidity provisioning protocol that allows token exchanges and ADA. IOHK said the test is designed to “put the network in a high-bandwidth environment” by allowing the team to monitor and analyze parameter settings. Cardano has set conservative network parameters such as block size, CPU and memory limits while testing begins.

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