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Charles Hoskinson criticizes central banks and U.S. Sen.

Charles Hoskinson criticizes central banks and U.S. Sen.

Hoskinson took to Twitter to respond to a tirade against Bitcoin by Stephen Diehl, an entrepreneur, programmer and outspoken cryptocurrency skeptic.

“You know what scares me? ”

Professor Diehl, author of "The Case Against Cryptocurrency," , stated that he is intimidated by a generation of "kids" who are more familiar with the bitcoiners' narrative of "safe money" than they are with Keynesian models and classical economic theory. Mr. Hoskinson disagrees, arguing that there are things far scarier than a new generation interested in bitcoin (BTC) narratives. The inventor of Cardano lashes out at central bankers who are increasing the money supply by 50% in just a year and a half, pretending that this “printing” has little or no effect on inflation dynamics. At the same time, when prices for consumers are rising, policymakers refuse to acknowledge that this process is being catalyzed by endless QE policies in most countries.  

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