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DOGE developer creates first-ever NFT on Dogecoin blockchain

DOGE developer creates first-ever NFT on Dogecoin blockchain

Meme coin developer DOGE has launched the first-ever Non-fungible (NFT) token on the Dogecoin blockchain. The person behind the NFT coinage, known on Twitter as inevitable360, revealed details of the deal in a Dec. 13 tweet, Finbold reports.

Details of the deal show that the value of the mint was only 0.1 DOGE (or $0.0018). Describing the mining process, the developer said he used the hash function Sha-256 to mine NFT. The NFT was then stored on a checksum, which is a small block of data from another block of digital data. After successfully mining NFT, inevitable360 received attention and support from other developers, including Dogecoin founder Billy Marcus. Some of the commenters tipped the developer using SoDogeTip, a tip bot launched earlier this month. Interestingly, the cost of mining NFT on Dogecoin was only $0.0018, which is a huge efficiency compared to mining NFT on Ethereum, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

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