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Florida governor: we welcome Bitcoin

Florida governor: we welcome Bitcoin

Ron DeSantis said he wants to make sure his state is bitcoin and cryptocurrency friendly.

According to Bitcoinmagazine, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed programs that will make his state more conducive to bitcoin innovation. The governor's move provides Miami Mayor Francis Suarez with statewide support in addition to previous aid received at the county level. “As a state government, we think this is something we welcome, and we want to make sure state government is cryptocurrency friendly”, – DeSantis said. DeSantis proposed a program to allow Florida businesses to pay state fees in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, among other cryptocurrency-related proposals included in next year's state budget. The move is an attempt to attract further Bitcoin investment to Florida. The state has seen an influx of relevant entrepreneurs and businesses this year as new developments and welcoming officials tap into the Bitcoin narrative. Suarez began these efforts by advocating for more friendly regulation and new developments at the city level to ensure that BTC-related innovation thrives. Suarez first proposed that Miami integrate Bitcoin into its operations earlier this year. The resolution proposed allowing residents to pay city fees and property taxes in Bitcoin, and city employees to be paid in Bitcoin. The proposal also proposed allowing Miami to store BTC. The mayor later received support from Miami County, creating a cryptocurrency task force to evaluate the feasibility of such developments at the county level.

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