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Here's what Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wants for Christmas

Here's what Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wants for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is already getting into the Christmas spirit. On Monday, the founder went live on YouTube for another surprise AMA, where he answered questions from the community. As usual, Hoskinson answered a number of questions from community members who asked about the Cardano project, according to Newsbtc.

During the AMA, Hoskinson talked about what he would like to get for Christmas, and it wasn't the usual list of things people want for Christmas. Instead, Hoskinson decided to address a pressing problem in the crypto space, namely the divide that is very present among investors in various projects. Cardano has been one of the most affected projects when it comes to FUD lately. The project has been subjected to what could be called hateful comments all over social media, especially after its ADA token began its two-month decline. To that end, Hoskinson wants everyone in the crypto industry to start getting along with each other. “The one thing I want for Christmas is for everyone to start getting along in our industry. It's amazing to me that when people are so close in philosophy and views, and in some cases technology, they can be so far apart as people. It's extraordinary” – said the founder. Hoskinson also looked at the systems that have pitted investors against each other over the years. He said this is more evident in the cryptocurrency space because other industries don't see as much hatred for each other as the crypto industry. “You don't see that in other industries” –Hoskinson said. “You won't see in physics or biology or cell phone manufacturing or any other industry the amount of tribalism, hatred and rage that our industry treats each other with”. The founder went on to explain that as long as people continue to hate each other, there will be no way to fight the real enemy, which he defined as the legacy systems. He said that this system has held three billion people back and will continue to do so. The founder also acknowledged that it will not be easy because there will always be those who will try to divide others in this space.

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