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Jackson, Tennessee, will become the first city in the U.S. to add Bitcoin as a payment option

Jackson, Tennessee, will become the first city in the U.S. to add Bitcoin as a payment option

The city of Jackson, Tennessee, USA, is set to become the first city to add Bitcoin as a payroll conversion option for city employees, according to a report published December 19 by the local Jackson News.

Mayor Scott Conger has pushed for Bitcoin to be added as a pay option for city employees, and has now prepared a proposal to do so, according to the report. Conger is convinced that the conversion option would diversify the way city employees get paid, as well as allow the city to pay contractors and companies in BTC to attract a wider range of bidders. As a step toward beginning the process of adding Bitcoin as a payment conversion option, a request for proposal (RFP) has been opened. This will allow third-party platforms to apply to become the city's cryptocurrency converter. “The request for proposals is open!”–said a jubilant mayor in his address. “On December 22, respondents must respond to the request for proposals. So, as soon as the 22nd comes around, we'll open the bids, hold a committee, and then they'll review them. Maybe they'll make a recommendation to the council in February”–he added. Once the contractor is approved, the city will pay him in dollars for the number of employees who want to be paid in Bitcoin. The company will then convert the payment and send Bitcoin to the employees concerned. If all goes well, employees could start receiving payments in BTC as early as next year. Conger believes this will not only bring more opportunities to the city, but also help employees diversify their investments. Aside from Jackson City, the only city that is considering adding Bitcoin as a conversion option is Miami. Although Miami is in a better position, according to Conger, Jackson City could be the very first city in the history of the United States to implement the idea.

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