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Macroeconomics guru Raoul Pal thinks Bitcoin, Ethereum and the three altcoins the best major cryptocurrencies to hold

Macroeconomics guru Raoul Pal thinks Bitcoin, Ethereum and the three altcoins –the best major cryptocurrencies to hold

As the Dailyhodl reports, Real Vision CEO Raul Pal gives his opinion on the outlook for cryptocurrencies after weeks of wild swings in the markets. In a series of tweets, the macro guru told his 827,000 followers why he thinks sentiment toward digital assets has suddenly turned bearish and then suggested what investors can do in the short and long term. “I think the restriction of excess disposable income due to inflation is partly to blame for the bearish stance. Many people are scarred from past cycles when a top was reached at this point in the half-low cycle. But past damage to your psyche can also cause you to be overly cautious…”.

Pal reminds crypto investors that prices are back to their May 2021 levels, despite the sharp moves up and down over the past months. He believes that further adoption into the general public is yet to come, as well as into various creative industries. “We haven't seen a record number of participants. We've seen some size speculation in NFT nonfungible tokens, but mostly it's people who already have Ethereum and have profits to burn. Some kind of tipping point has been reached… And I think it will accelerate later this month and next year… 2022 – is the year I think the BIGGER herd will emerge”. Looking ahead to 2022, the former hedge fund manager believes that as traditional financial institutions channel resources into digital assets, new energy and participation will follow. When it comes to what action can be taken in anticipation of a market recovery, the CEO says he's looking at leading crypto-assets Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), as well as altcoins Terra (LUNA), Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL). “If you want to use leverage, add small premiums in options that you can write off.BTC, ETH, LUNA, AVAX and SOL” are better as underlying assets.  

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