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Third largest bitcoin kit buys another $137 million BTC at $50K

Third largest bitcoin kit buys another $137 million BTC at $50K

One of the largest Bitcoin whales bought another significant chunk of the asset as BTC began to rebound in value, Sgurtorotato reports.

The third-largest BTC whale accumulated more than 2,700 coins in a day when the cryptocurrency climbed above $50,000. The mysterious organization has bought more than 5,600 BTC in the past two weeks. CryptoPotato often reports on the behavior of this particular whale, which tends to sell when the price of the cryptocurrency has been on the rise lately and accumulate again when it cools off. BTC has more than cooled over the past few days, falling from $58,000 to a low of $42,000 on Saturday. However, the whale remained relatively silent during this crash and did not make any purchases, at least in this well-known wallet. However, as BTC began its recovery and regained $50,000 earlier today, the organization began to pile up. They bought 2,702 coins at an average price of $50,621, which means they spent nearly $140 million.

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