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The world's first music video paid entirely in Bitcoin has been released in Spain

‘The world's first’music video paid entirely in Bitcoin has been released in Spain

The growth of the cryptocurrency sector has been one of the most significant factors influencing changes in the financial market this year, with the cryptocurrency market growing by 175.6% over the past year. Therefore, in order to increase the popularity and democratization of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency platform Coinmotion released the world's first cryptocurrency clip titled “Bajo tu piel” (under your skin), according to Finbold.

Notably, the shrewd Spanish artist Huecco's new single and album video was funded entirely by Bitcoin, as was his new music video. Huecco determined that no video at the time of its release was funded entirely by cryptocurrencies, and proposed the concept to Coinmotion, which adopted it as its own from the start. “We went from being a client to collaborating in this historic and comforting joint venture between a crypto broker and music”, – said the artist. Notably, both Huecco and Coinmotion are collaborating to innovate the creative work they do. Coinmotion Oy CEO and board member Heidi Hurskainen said: “We love to innovate by offering “premium on-demand services” by being the first to launch Private Crypto Banking in Spain”.

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