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2 more countries will adopt Bitcoin in 2022, says Nayib Bukele

2 more countries will adopt Bitcoin in 2022, says Nayib Bukele

El Salvador's pro-Bitcoin president has made a number of predictions for the cryptocurrency in 2022. Nayib Buquele, who made history last year by becoming the first president to accept BTC as legal tender, believes two more countries will follow suit in 2022. He also predicted a price of $100,000 for the primary cryptocurrency, Sgurtorotato reports.

It's safe to say that El Salvador is the most open country in terms of accepting BTC, as it voted to make the asset legal tender in 2021. After this historic step, the nation and its pro-Bitcoin president continued to tout the merits of BTC, hoarding it during price drops and using the proceeds to build schools and hospitals. Despite increased criticism from traditional financial institutions such as the Bank of England and the IMF, Bukhele did not back down. On the contrary, he and numerous cryptocurrency supporters have declared their intention to build a Bitcoin City in El Salvador. One of the predictions he listed today for Bitcoin for 2022 includes that construction of the city will begin this year. He also believes that two more countries will follow El Salvador's path and adopt BTC as legal tender. Buechele believes Bitcoin will be “the main issue in this year's U.S. election” as the world's most powerful economy continues to ponder how to treat BTC and the entire crypto industry.

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