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A couple from India got married in the metacommuniverse

A couple from India got married in the metacommuniverse

A couple from India has decided to have their wedding in the meta universe by throwing a Harry Potter-inspired party. They were prompted to do so by restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to CNN.

Measures imposed by the authorities force couples to either scale back or cancel holiday events altogether. Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavati and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, who live in Tamil Nadu, have invited 2,000 guests to the metaverse - 20 times more than they could afford in the real world.

The newlyweds are fans of Joan Rowling's best-selling novel. As an entourage, the blockchain-working groom created a space similar to Hogwarts Castle, where many of the events in her book take place. It cost about 150,000 rupees ($2016) to design, develop and execute the party.

Data: CNN.

The official ceremony will take place live in the presence of close friends and family. The couple will then "enter" the metaverse, where they will spend an hour with guests who can customize the look of their avatars and appreciate the decorations.

The digital wedding will also allow the bride's father, who passed away last year, to be "present." According to the groom, the meta-universe will give them his blessing.

As a reminder, a Reddit user pissed off the bride with a gift of an NFT instead of an engagement ring.

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