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Bitcoin exchange OKEx rebranded

Bitcoin exchange OKEx rebranded

The OKEx digital asset exchange changed its brand to OKX to emphasize its commitment to the crypto industry and the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

New year, new us. To continue our commitment to the advancement of the #crypto industry and #Web3, we've rebranded to #OKX. Join us at the world's leading crypto ecosystem. Read more about our rebrand here ⤵️https://t.co/SQPNR1Ieyk pic.twitter.com/WYJqjS70lt & ; OKX (formerly OKEx) (@okx) January 18, 2022

The company noted that it has already moved beyond the business of being a centralized exchange, an activity formerly symbolized by the letters Ex (exchange).

According to the statement, the platform is developing new products for the global promotion of cryptocurrencies. Among those already launched: non-custodial wallet MetaX, NFT-marketplace and decentralized exchange OEC. The company is also looking at opportunities in the areas of meta universes and GameFi.

"We're building much more than a centralized exchange. It's time to evolve our brand to reflect what we stand for and strive for," the statement said.

OKX pledged to continue "producing the next generation of crypto products" by building on existing ones.

As a reminder, Facebook underwent a major rebranding in October 2021. The new name, Meta, demonstrates a commitment to creating a meta-universe.

In December, payments firm Square changed its name to Block to reflect a focus on blockchain projects.

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