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Cardano's IOHK sums up the tremendous progress made in 2022

Cardano's IOHK sums up the tremendous progress made in 2022

IOHK, the parent company of Cardano, recaps the tremendous progress made in 2022. In a series of tweets, IOHK highlights eight major announcements from Cardano-based projects over the past 10 days, U.Today reports.

These include the launch of SundaeSwap, the QuickMint test network launch, the Astarter beta launch event, the availability of the Cardano lightweight wallet in the Android Play Store, the launch of VyFinance token-stacking, the beta-testing version of Byron Wallet, the GADA partnership with GeroWallet and the COTI network partnership with DOEX. First, SundaeSwap recently announced a beta launch scheduled for Jan. 20. SundaeSwap Labs announced it on Twitter: ”SundaeSwap and ISO will launch Thursday evening, Jan. 20.#8221 QuickMint, a Cardano-based NFT platform, previously shared news of a planned testnet launch on Jan. 19. The platform hopes to implement integration with NamiWallet sometime later in the week, it said. Astarter recently announced an open beta event. Astarter – is DeFi's infrastructure hub on Cardano, enabling decentralized financial applications and the Cardano ecosystem. The fourth announcement concerns Cardano's lightweight wallet: CCVault v1.3.9 is now available in the Android Play Store. As part of a fresh promotion of the Cardano mobile wallet, ByronDex has developed a beta version of the Byron Wallet for testing. The Byron Network is a set of dApps on the Cardano blockchain. Another major announcement was the COTI Network's first partnership in 2022 with the DOEX platform. DOEX – is a next-generation decentralized exchange for assets that are native to the Cardano blockchain, aiming to become a one-stop store for DeFi services.  

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