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Dan Larimer will help the EOS community gain control of the project

Dan Larimer will help the EOS community gain control of the project

The company of EOS blockchain platform founder Dan Larimer -  ClarionOS - will prepare the codebase for the Mandel hardfork, designed to give the community control of the protocol;

The nonprofit EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has given ClarionOS 200,000 EOS (~$514,000 at the time of writing) to fund the initiative.

ENF was created in August 2021. It is led by former EOS Nation blockchain maker Yves La Rose.

The organization pushed for Block.one (B1) to transfer the intellectual rights to EOS. But instead, the company formerly behind the development of the blockchain platform promised ENF 30 million EOS;

The community was not satisfied with that option. In December 2021, blockchain makers voted to stop making regular payments to B1, stopping the release of 67 million EOS to be distributed over the next six to seven years.

Speaking to CoinDesk, ENF communications director Zach Gall explained that B1 has long shifted its focus and funding to cryptocurrency exchange Bullish, which is preparing to enter the stock market through a merger with SPAC . 

According to Gall, B1 "burned" the EOS ecosystem by transferring all tokens to the new trading platform:

"Essentially, B1 transferred its assets to the new company, which is very similar to the practice of rug pull. The community came together to reach a consensus and take back the only asset over which the network has jurisdiction, namely uninvested EOS. This may be the first and only time the DAO has stood up to a corporation."

After the "resignation" of B1, ENF has a problem - the intellectual rights to the EOSIO protocol are still owned by the company. The latter also maintains a repository on GitHub that has not been updated in the last eight months.

Gall stressed that a Mandel hardfork would return "operational control" of the project to the community. He also said Larimer plans to launch several projects on the EOS network, including a social network;

In a series of YouTube videos, La Rose and Larimer explained that after their split with B1, ENF has the opportunity to fund several startups at once, which can work on competing ideas.


La Rose also said that ENF plans to focus on four main areas:

Developing software that allows decentralized applications to run on the EOS network; providing a common framework for smart contract security analysis and auditing tools; developing software to integrate blockchain with external applications; and developing APIs that provide data from the EOS network to external entities.

Larimer explained in his blog that the hardforward is based on the EOSIO 2.0 protocol release, but some elements are taken from other versions. He recommended that blockchain vendors "downgrade" software to EOSIO 2.0 before migrating to Mandel.

The upgrade will also allow more complex smart contracts to be deployed on the EOS network, integrate a contract structure that can be executed without signatures from network participants, and simplify subsequent adjustments to the blockchain configuration.

As a reminder, Larimer stepped down as Block.one's CTO in January 2021. In March, the specialist presented the decentralized social network Clarion.

In early 2022, Larimer promised to roll out a "killer app" designed to make EOS a platform for creating and developing DAOs.

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