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DeepMind co-founder quits Google

DeepMind co-founder quits Google

Artificial intelligence pioneer Mustafa Suleiman has left Google to join venture capital firm Greylock Partners. It was reported by The New York Times.

While at Google, Suleiman was stripped of some management responsibilities at DeepMind. The company received complaints that he allegedly bullied subordinates. Suleiman later acknowledged his employees' claims.

"I really screwed up. I'm very sorry for the effect it had on people and the pain they experienced," he said.

Suleiman served as Google's vice president of product management and policy for artificial intelligence. He joined the company in 2014 when the search giant acquired DeepMind for $650 million.

Under Suleiman's leadership, the lab began to focus on health care research. He also became a key voice in DeepMind's efforts to oppose Google's collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense. An employee protest eventually forced the company's management to cancel its contract with the military.

What Suleiman will do at Greylock Partners is unknown.

Recall that in December 2021 DeepMind demonstrated a language model with 280 billion parameters.

In August, the laboratory presented a universal architecture for the creation of artificial intelligence.

In July, DeepMind opened access to a database of 20,000 human protein structures created by the AlphaFold neural network.

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