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DeFi project Aave will add support for Fantom

DeFi project Aave will add support for Fantom

The Fantom smart contract platform community voted to integrate the Aave DeFi-Landing Project. The proposal received 99.98% of the vote.

Fantom Foundation will provide a team of engineers to solve problems during the protocol rollout.

Presumably, Aave will be eligible for the Fantom Incentive program once it launches on the network. Projects can be rewarded monthly with up to 6 million FTM tokens (~$14.3 million).

The proposal to roll out Aave was initiated by Fantom Foundation CEO Michael Kong, who described himself as a longtime fan of the DeFi project;

He noted that he does not foresee any technical difficulties, as the platform supports all the necessary tools for Aave.

In October 2021, the Fantom team tentatively submitted a protocol proposal to Aave Governance for a vote on the platform, which garnered 99.74% support.

That same month, Aave integrated with the Avalanche blockchain. Prior to that, the project had only been introduced on the Ethereum and Polygon networks.


As a reminder, in January 2022, the Fantom ecosystem ranked third in terms of blockchain assets, behind only Ethereum and Terra.

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