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Gamers of the NFT game Splinterlands have fought a billion battles in six months

Gamers of the NFT game Splinterlands have fought a billion battles in six months

The tactical NFT card game Splinterlands has passed the one billion battles mark in the last six months as of January 25, 2022. This was reported to ForkLog by representatives of the project.

Users of the app can collect sets of monster cards and additional attributes in the form of NFT, which will allow them to win battles, earning rewards in DEC tokens.

Players can buy, sell collectible digital assets or earn income by renting them out. Rare NFT cards are also available as rewards for daily quests and bi-weekly seasons.

In January, Splinterlands held a sale of Chaos Legion map sets, which interest was higher than any before. During the day, players bought 40% of the total supply;

Splinterlands has over 400 thousand active users and "thousands of new players joining every day. The number of transactions reaches 4 million per day.

"The success of Splinterlands demonstrates the groundbreaking potential of Play-To-Earn concept games and the tremendous appeal to gamers that keeps them coming back for more," the statement said.

The project also announced a partnership with Terablock, whose crosschain solutions will allow players to move tokens between different networks.

As a reminder, Splinterlandians migrated to the Hive blockchain in 2020 from the Steem platform, where it originally operated and was the largest decentralized app.

Hive was formed as a result of a hardfork conducted by Steem validators in response to Tron Foundation head Justin Sun's attempt to take over the network.

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