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McDonald's reacted to jokes by crypto investors about working at the corporation

McDonald's reacted to jokes by crypto investors about working at the corporation

The recent bitcoin correction raised a wave of jokes in the cryptocurrency community about investors being forced to consider working at McDonald's. On Jan. 25, the corporation responded to the ironic posts on Twitter.

pic.twitter.com/YXelvQ9KnT & ; Binance (@binance) January 24, 2022

"What's up, people who run crypto accounts on Twitter," McDonald's wrote.

In response, bitcoin exchange Binance posted a meme, and MicroStrategy head Michael Saylor posted a photo of himself wearing a cap with a McDonald's logo on it. Earlier, he made a similar post, but with a Tahinis logo.

Doin' whatever it takes to acquire more #bitcoin... pic.twitter.com/Ae3wmbCCZx & ; Michael Saylor⚡️ (@saylor) January 24, 2022

Elon Musk didn't miss an opportunity to mention his favorite among cryptocurrencies. He promised to eat a Happy Meal during a TV broadcast "if McDonald's starts accepting Dogecoin.

I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin & ; Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 25, 2022

On January 21, the first cryptocurrency's quotes dipped below $37,700 in the moment, to $34,000 on Saturday. The last level BTC failed on January 24, but later won back the fall and overcame the $36,400 mark.

Some saw in the bitcoin price movement a pattern reminiscent of the McDonald's logo, while others fantasized about the famous supporters of the first cryptocurrency.

Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh pic.twitter.com/HomoUlZy7Z & ; BITCOIN☂️⚡���� 丰 �� �� (@Cipherhoodlum) January 22, 2022

On Jan. 23, the Mcdonald's Job Application account linked to a profile on the OpenSea Marketplace was listed on Twitter. Its owner posted 1111 NFT job applications for sale at 0.0389 ETH each (~$94 at time of writing).

Data: OpenSea.

"Is ETH falling? Can't afford to live anymore? We're waiting for you! Apply for your dream job from 9 to 5 at McDonald's through our form," the account description reads.

El Salvador's president Nayib Bukele was not left out either. He changed his Twitter avatar, putting a cap and a McDonald's badge over his photo.

Amid the correction of the first cryptocurrency, the country's government bought 410 BTC worth $15 million. The average purchase price was $36,585. Including the latest transaction, El Salvador has 1,651 BTC on its state fund balance.

On January 24, Buquelet said that "the safest and most profitable time to buy [bitcoin] is when the price is going down.

Most people go in when the price is up, but the safest and most profitable moment to buy is when the price is down. It's not rocket science ����‍♂️ So invest a piece of your McDonald's paycheck in #Bitcoin Now go back to flip more burgers you lazy fvçk! & ; Nayib Bukele ���� (@nayibbukele) January 24, 2022

"So invest some of your McDonald's paycheck in bitcoin. Now come back to flip some more burgers, lazy fvçk," the president wrote.

Reddit users, on the other hand, decided to support each other. One of them posted a picture of Baron Rothschild with his quote, "Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if it's yours."

Earlier, investment firm Invesco allowed bitcoin to fall below $30,000 in 2022 as "the asset bubble deflates."

As a reminder, Glassnode analysts saw a bearish trend in bitcoin's price slump and unwavering hodgepodge since July 2021 as the onset of a bearish trend in the price of bitcoin.

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