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Media: SEC investigates Voyager, Gemini and Celsius Network

Media: SEC investigates Voyager, Gemini and Celsius Network

The SEC has launched an investigation into Voyager, Gemini and Celsius Network's lending service providers for the legality of their interest in digital asset deposits. Bloomberg writes about it.

Agency sources said the regulator considers such a product to be securities requiring registration.

Company representatives confirmed the interaction with the Commission. 

The SEC did not file specific charges and officials declined to comment.

To recap, the media reported in November 2021 that the SEC had initiated an investigation into BlockFi.

Prior to that, the firm had already faced regulatory problems at the state level. Claims against it came from the supervisory agencies of New Jersey, Alabama and Vermont.

Regulators in Texas, New Jersey, Alabama and Kentucky have made similar allegations against Celsius Network. That didn't stop the firm from raising $750 million in a Series B investment round. The platform was then valued at $3.25 billion.

In September, under pressure from the SEC, Coinbase refused to launch cryptocurrency accounts. The company said it had been actively engaged with the Commission about the product launch over the past six months.

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