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Report: two-thirds of Canadians are willing to be paid in cryptocurrencies

Report: two-thirds of Canadians are willing to be paid in cryptocurrencies

67% of Canadians are interested in switching their paychecks to digital assets within the next five years. Capterra, a marketing and consulting firm, obtained these results.

A total of 1,008 Canadian residents over the age of 18 took part in the study.

One in four in the sample has managed to get hold of a cryptocurrency, and 58% of them decided to take this step during the pandemic. 37% of respondents expressed an interest in buying cryptocurrency in the near future.

Survey participants most frequently mentioned bitcoin (81%), Ethereum (48%), Dogecoin (28%), Litecoin and Cardano (18% each).

Among cryptoinvestors, the largest share was among citizens aged 18-22 (34%) and 23-35 (41%).

As barriers to buying digital assets, respondents named lack of necessary knowledge (64%), fear of cryptocurrency extinction (44%) and high volatility (40%).

The researchers also identified motivating factors for buying cryptocurrencies. 58% of respondents named the desire to make a profit, 48% - the desire to belong to an innovative community, 44% - support of the philosophy of a decentralized future, 29% - focus on privacy, 26% - desire to be independent of the banking system.

Recall that in January, Huobi analysts found that 68% of crypto investors in the U.S. made their first transaction in 2021.

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