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Study: artificial intelligence will put 12 million Europeans out of work by 2040

Study: artificial intelligence will put 12 million Europeans out of work by 2040

By 2040 the widespread automation in enterprises will reduce the number of jobs in developed European countries by 12 million, analysts said consulting firm Forrester.

Professions at greatest risk, they said, are those whose essence is performing routine and monotonous tasks that programmable robots and algorithms can easily handle.

"Loss of productivity due to COVID-19 is forcing companies around the world to automate manual processes and improve remote work," said Forrester principal analyst Michael O'Grady.

He added that the pandemic is just one of the factors influencing the acceleration of automation. The region's aging population also plays an important role in these processes. According to some estimates, by 2050, the five largest economies in Europe will have 30 million fewer people of working age than in 2020.

The loss of jobs due to automation will subsequently affect European workers in wholesale and retail trade, transportation, housing, catering, and leisure and hospitality.

That said, analysts believe green energy and robotics will create 9 million new jobs in Europe by 2040, especially in the fields of clean energy and smart cities.

Medium-skilled occupations consisting of simple routine tasks are most at risk of automation, analysts say. We're talking about 38% of the workforce in Germany, 34% in France, and 31% in the United Kingdom. In all, about 49 million jobs are at risk, the experts added.

Analysts believe employers will pay more attention to staff development and the development of skills such as active learning, stress management and flexibility. Such personnel will complement the tasks of automating workers and will become more in demand.

Recall that Swedish researchers said in January that artificial intelligence will replace humans in about 30 popular occupations.

In June 2021, one in five Russians expressed fears about automation.

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