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Twitter introduced an NFT verification option in the form of a profile photo

Twitter introduced an NFT verification option in the form of a profile photo

Twitter has integrated the option to add NFTs as profile avatars. The option is available on iOS to subscribers of the premium Twitter Blue service after linking an Ethereum wallet to a social network account.

gm! You asked (a lot), so we made it. Now rolling out in Labs: NFT Profile Pictures on iOS pic.twitter.com/HFyspS4cQW - Twitter Blue (@TwitterBlue) January 20, 2022

The developers allowed adding support for other blockchains.

The service's page explains that linking the profile to a public Ethereum address will allow to view the user's transactions and assets;

Technically, when choosing an image, you need to specify "NFT", then connect a wallet and select one of the available non-exchangeable tokens.

Avatars verified in this way have a special hexagonal shape. It is displayed on all platforms. The avatars of unverified NFT users will remain in the classic circle frame.

The Twitter account with the NFT profile image feature displays data about the token - its creator, specific properties and characteristics, blockchain and standard.

The initiative was implemented based on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace API.

Support for Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Rainbow, Argent, Trust and Ledger Live wallets is currently available.

Recall that Twitter announced a verification system NFT in September 2021.

Previously, users of the social network were able to accept donations through the Lightning Network.

In January, the media reported that Meta was planning to integrate non-interchangeable tokens into Facebook and Instagram.

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